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The Most Reliable Container Logistics Operation in Australia

Acostar Logistics Pty Ltd is a managed cartage company providing professional services that you require. All of our carriers are well equipped with the latest Scandinavian in vehicle automatic craning system and 'computerized' communication system to ensure receival and delivery of your containers are achieved with minimum delays. We currently own 6 Side-lifters, 5 B-Double trailers and several 20 feet and 40 feet standard trailers as well as a 16,000 sqm yard for storage purposes.

Live tracking and access to all wharf systems. No more uncertainty! We can make sure you get your container when you want it.

Direct Wharf Communication

Ability to drop, move, turn and place the container in any way shape or form to meet your requirements.

Sideloader Services

Seamless access to container park systems allowing us to always return your container on time without incurring any unforseen fees.

Container Park System

Our team members are multi-lingual, being proficient in your languages, having personalized approaches and accommodating flexible working hours. These collaborative commitments establish trust and reliability, facilitating an one-stop dealing. We remain focused on productivity improvements and effective solutions to maximize cost effectiveness and efficiency. We adopt professionalism, effective integrated logistic solution, dedicated and personalized approach, ensuring peace of mind throughout delivery.

Logistics services in today's global marketplace are increasingly important. Australia, being an import oriented country has seen higher demand of an experience and dedicated service provider to meet critical delivery. As we are also in partnership with established and experience customs broker and international freight forwarders, we will be a global provider to turn to when you want a trusted source for you delivery needs.

Our Strategic approach to providing customers with seamless container transport and management allows peace of mind as we arrange everything for you. If it’s a service we do not provide, with our wide spectrum of networks we can certainly direct you to someone who can help. Request a quote today for your import and export container needs.

Monday - Friday

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