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How & Why Acostar Has Become The Australian Transport Company Victoria Businesses Trust & The Go-To Global & Local Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions Partner for Hundreds of Organisations, & Individuals In Australia & Around The World

Acostar Logistics is a family-owned Australian transport company in Victoria that has been up and running for over 15 years now. Starting with just one truck and one sideloader, we have grown exponentially to have a massive fleet of different types and sizes of trucks and trailers as well as other vehicles and heavy equipment. Our business has achieved this because of the stellar services that we provide to all our customers. Now, we have become one of Australia’s most trusted logistics solutions partners and container transport companies Victoria and the rest of the world trusts.

We offer a vast array of container logistics and supply chain solutions for businesses in all industries, private organisations, and government entities, as well as individuals here in Australia and the rest of the world. Our company can help meet all your import and export needs including container transport, warehousing, unpacking, pick and pack as well as AQIS unpacking and inspection, container and site fumigation, software integration for automated FCL movement notifications, and so much more. With the wide range of high-quality services that we offer at competitive prices, we have become the go-to global and local logistics and supply chain solutions partner and Australian transport company Victorian businesses trust.

From day one, our motto has been to provide reliable service at competitive prices and that is what we have continued to deliver for close to two decades now. We are proud to say that this is the very reason why we have become the trusted Australian contract logistics and supply chain solutions partner for hundreds of businesses, organisations, and individuals in Australia and across the globe.

Trust is what our business is built upon. Throughout the years, we have successfully built and maintained strong relationships with all our customers. They have trusted us because they know that we are passionate and dedicated to delivering the highest levels of service excellence and customer satisfaction. This has allowed us to achieve sustainable growth and widen our business horizons.

At the same time, because of our passion and dedication, we have also forged powerful partnerships with the world’s most well-respected customs brokers and prestigious international freight forwarders. This has given us the capability and the capacity to effectively serve our all our customers not just locally here in Australia but on a global scale.

With our team being multilingual, we are able to communicate with customers and partners clearly and effectively regardless of which country they are based. This allows us to provide the highest quality services and the best understanding beyond any other logistics company even if English is not your primary language. Our high proficiency in multiple languages has been one of the hallmarks of our global services.

Here at Acostar Logistics, we treat everyone like family. From our customers to our local and international partners to our staff, we genuinely care about people’s well-being. This is why we take the extra time and effort to make sure that all your cargo are well taken care of, and all systems and processes are on point. By doing this, we do not just deliver cargo but also everyone’s peace of mind.


The Smoother & Hassle-free Way To Manage All Your Import & Export Needs

  • Fast & Safe Handling

    Expect our team to work around the clock to make sure we meet all your needs in the fastest and safest way possible.

  • Direct Access to Terminals

    Gain first-hand access to terminal information in real time to gain the latest shipment updates alongside accurate delivery times.

  • Easy Tracking

    Always know where your goods are with our prompt and responsive support team as well as agile drivers, loaders, and equipment operators.