tautliner truck Victoria

Re-delivery Services

Semi Straight Deck, Semi Drop Deck, & Tautliner Truck Victoria

Acostar Logistics provides the semi straight deck, semi drop deck, or tautliner truck Victorian businesses utilise for all their port, warehouse, distribution, and bulk logistics needs. With our comprehensive and reliable end-to-end services from wharf cartage of containers from Melbourne docks, into our warehouse for unpacking, and redelivering to your designated endpoint, all are handled in house for complete control of all variables and to ensure that we meet all your requirements.

With our heavy-duty semi straight deck trucks, you can move anything from large containers to heavy equipment to different types of cargo. These types of semi-trailer trucks are what a great number of our customers use to move shipments from point A to point B. Lower to the ground, our drop deck semi-trailer is best for carrying tall cargo that exceeds legal height limits if carried on a traditional straight-deck trailer. These can carry freight like building materials, agricultural equipment, excavators, and other heavy machinery.

Our tautliner trucks are perfect for carrying palletised cargo that can be lifted by a forklift or almost any load contained in bulk bugs. We have everything up to a 14-pallet tautliner to move your shipments quickly and safely to anywhere you need them to be. No matter what type of cargo you need to transport, Acostar Logistics has the technology and workforce to securely deliver them on time every single time. So, if you want the semi straight deck, semi drop deck, or tautliner truck Victorian businesses rely on, call Acostar Logistics.

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Pipe Rack for Steel/Coils, Straight Deck & Drop Deck Trailer Victoria

Acostar Logistics provides our own in-house fleet of high-end trucks with either a straight-deck flatbed trailer or a drop deck trailer Victorian businesses trust. Our fleet can come with racks to carry commodity freight like steel pipes and coils as well as all types of light and heavy machinery for transport and delivery to anywhere in West Melbourne, North Melbourne, and the rest of Victoria. We can also move a vast array of construction and agricultural materials.

Our state-of-the-art trucks come with leading-edge digital communication systems so we can get in touch with our drivers in an instant. This also allows us to monitor and keep track of all vehicle movements and provide you with real-time information as to travel and delivery times. By utilising the latest technological innovations our industry has to offer, we can ensure delivery of your cargo are achieved with minimal to even zero delays.

With the capability and capacity to transport and deliver a wide range of different types of cargo safely and on time, Acostar Logistics has become one of the most trusted transport logistics and supply chains solutions partner in Australia. Hundreds of businesses, private organisations, government entities, and individuals have utilised our services with 100% customer satisfaction. So, if you are looking for high-end trucks with either a straight-deck flatbed trailer or a drop deck trailer Victorian businesses trust, call Acostar Logistics.

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Fully Licenced & Qualified Truck Drivers & Equipment Operators

Acostar Logistics has a team of fully licenced and qualified, highly skilled, and vastly experienced truck drivers and equipment operators. Each one is dedicated to ensuring that we can get your cargo to where they need to be safely and on time every single time. Delivering a wide range of different types of cargo that meet your all your timelines and deadlines are what have made Acostar Logistics one of the best transport logistics and supply chain solutions partners in Australia.

When you leverage Acostar Logistics’ redelivery services, you are not just getting state-of-the-art trucks and trailers as well as expert drivers and operators. You will be taking full advantage of our decades of combined knowledge and expertise in the shipping and logistics industry. Having worked with all kinds of businesses, organisations, and individuals, overcoming the most difficult challenges, and coming out still delivering the highest levels of service excellence and customer satisfaction, you will be working with the best!

With a tested-and-proven record of meeting all our customers’ timeline, deadline, and budget requirements, there is no wonder why a multitude of local and international organisations trust us. Our motto from the very start has always been to provide the best service at competitive rates and that is exactly what you will get from us. So, for all your transport logistics and supply chain solutions needs, there is only one company that you should consider that is us here at Acostar Logistics.

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