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Acostar Logistics – The Best Road Freight Transport Services in Victoria

Looking for fast, safe, and reliable road freight transport services in Victoria to move all your shipments at competitive rates? This is where you need to be because Acostar Logistics is the freight company Victoria businesses, organisations, and individuals trust to transport all types of cargo. Our customers know they can rely on us because we have a deep understanding of the crucial importance of timely and reliable logistics services in today’s fast-paced and constantly changing global marketplace. This is why we have fully equipped all of our carriers with leading-edge Scandinavian in-vehicle automatic craning and computerised communications systems to ensure that we receive and deliver your shipments with minimal to zero delays. This is also why our team has adopted the highest level of professionalism to deliver the most effective integrated logistics solutions as well as a dedicated and personalised approach to ensure peace of mind throughout the delivery process.

Having close to two decades of established trust and reliability through our collaborative commitments with businesses and organisations across the globe as well as the world’s most well-respected customs brokers and prestigious international freight forwarders, Acostar Logistics can be your ultimate one-stop facilitator for all your global and local freight forwarding needs. Our company can help meet all your import and export needs including container transport, warehousing, unpacking, and 3PL pick and pack. We also provide AQIS unpacking and inspection, container and site fumigation, software integration for automated FCL movement notifications, and so much more.

From day one, our motto has been to provide reliable service at competitive prices and that is what we have continued to deliver for nearly two decades now. This is why we have become the road freight transport services Victoria businesses, organisations, and individuals have come to trust and rely on.

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Our Road Transportation Services

Wharf Cartage from Melbourne Docks To Designated Endpoints

We provide seamless wharf cartage with round-the-clock container transport from terminal on our 85.5-tonne rated road trains. Our transport operations move containers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, running every 2-hour intervals. With direct access to terminals, you can get the latest shipment updates and accurate delivery times.

Tautliner Fleet 14PLT, Semi Straight Deck, Semi Drop Deck (Mezzanine)

We provide comprehensive and reliable end-to-end services. From wharf cartage of containers from Melbourne docks, into our warehouse for unpacking, and redelivering to your designated endpoint, all are handled in house for complete control of all variables and to ensure that we meet all your requirements.

Drop Deck Flatbed, Straight Deck Flatbed, & Pipe Rack for Steel/Coils

We provide our own in-house fleet of high-end trucks with drop-deck and straight-deck flatbed trailers that can come with racks to carry commodity freight like pipes and coils as well as all types of light and heavy machinery for transport and delivery.

Sideloader, Trailer Live Load/Unload, Drop Trailer

We provide our own large in-house fleet of high-end sideloaders and trailers that enable us to service over 50,000 TEU annually. With the best equipment our industry has to offer and our expert team of loaders, operators, and drivers, we cover all methods of FCL delivery.

Forklift Hire of 3.5T, 5T, 16T, & 45T Rated Equipment with Crane

We provide our own in-house fleet of state-of-the-art forklifts rated at 3.5 tonnes, 5 tonnes, 16 tonnes, and 45 tonnes with crane. Along with our highly skilled and experienced heavy equipment operators, we have the capability and capacity to move, unpack, and deliver everything.

Integration API Key & Automated Notification for FCL Movements

We provide up-to-date logistics management quickly and reliably with our ability to streamline and integrate with your software. You can easily track your shipments in real time and get automated notifications for all FCL movements.